Episode Guide

Astro and the Space Mutts (1981) NBC Animated TV Series 09/12/81 - 09/11/82 Season 1 (11 Episodes) Complete

1 "The Night of the Crab" September 12, 1981
The Crab crashes the Space Awards at the Space Palace and steals the awards. It's up to Space Ace and the Space Mutts to get the award back and defeat The Crab.

2 "Reverso" September 19, 1981
In his plan for universe domination, Reverso crashes the Spaceman's Ball at the Space Palace and demands that he is made ruler of the universe or else everything will end up in reverse.

3 "Menace of the Magnet Maniac" September 26, 1981
Mario Magnetti is on a metal-robbing spree.

4 "The Greatest Show Off Earth" October 03, 1981
The Spaceling Brothers Circus has been abducted by the Cosmic Clown. Space Ace and the Space Mutts follow him to Galaxy Q-2 to get it back and defeat Cosmic Clown.

5 "Rock Punk" October 10, 1981
When Rock Punk steals the recently created Mount Spacemore, Astro and the Space Mutts end up going after Rock Punk to keep him from completing his rock collection.

6 "Rampage of the Zodiac Man" October 17, 1981
Zodiac Man steals the Stardust Constellation Ring from the Moona Lisa Museum.

7 "Will the Real Mr. Galaxy Please Stand Up" October 24, 1981
Mr. Galaxy has stolen the First Galaxy Bank's vault. Space Ace and the Space Mutts track him to Muscle Beach Moon to get the vault back.

8 "Galactic Vac is Back" October 31, 1981
Galactic Vac is sucking up everything in the galaxy.

9 "The Education of Puglor" Novemebr 07, 1981
Uglor gives his nephew Puglor some of his powers for the next 12 hours in a plot to take over the resort world of Solar Springs.

10 "Jewlie Newstar" Novemebr 14, 1981
Renowned jewel thief Jewlie Newstar steals the Jupiter Jewel from the Interplanetary Museum. It's up to Space Ace and the Space Mutts to reclaim the Jupiter Jewel and defeat Jewlie Newstar.

11 "Wonder Dog" Novemebr 21
When the Lieutenant gives Space Ace a robot mutt named Brucie the Robot Wonder Dog for a trial run, this causes problems for the Space Mutts. Meanwhile, Scavenger steals the Aceship from Space Ace so that he can eliminate Space Ace for Lord Raider.